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Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) Request for Testing

The Forensic Intelligence Unit (FIU) of the District of Columbia Department of Forensic Sciences (DFS) serves as the point of contact for request for testing between DFS and our customers. To help ensure your request is processed efficiently, please review the following FAQs concerning the request submission process at DFS.

How do I submit a testing request to DFS FIU?

You can fill out all forms online and will automatically receive an emailed copy of the completed form.

What type of testing can be submitted?

Testing requests for the DFS Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) and Cyber Operations Section can be submitted. The DFS’ Forensic Science Laboratory Division (FSL) and Cyber Operations collects, examines, analyzes, and reports on physical evidence submitted in criminal cases. To request analysis from the Forensic Chemistry Unit, please visit https://dfs.dc.gov/node/1321486.

How do I know which unit(s) to select for the items being tested?

  • Evidence Processing: Physical swabbing/printing of items
  • Forensic Biology Unit: Analysis of biological tissues, such as blood, semen and skin
  • Latent Fingerprint Unit: Examines prints, both visible and latent, left behind from the friction ridge on human skin, typically the fingertips
  • Firearms Examination Unit: Comparison of bullets and cartridges to determine possible sources for firing
  • Digital Evidence Unit: Examines seized evidence from a range of devices including computers, mobile devices, vehicles, video analysis, credit card skimmers, and non-traditional unidentified digital media

What happens after I submit my request?

The information you have provided will be reviewed for completeness and accuracy. DFS FIU will contact you if we have any questions about your request, or if your request’s processing requires further action. By submitting the request, you agree that the lab will select the appropriate method(s) to perform the task.

Can I check the status of my submission?

Yes. FIU can be reached via email at [email protected] or by phone (202) 481-3869.

Complete the FSL Request for testing.